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Peer to Peer Fire Kasina Retreat 2024

January 6th-20th

Przesieka, Poland

The Peer to Peer Fire Kasina retreat is a small non-profit meditation retreat. It is organised by dedicated dharma practitioners for and with their peers. We practice, deeply, together and in silence. We also work and prepare meals together. We talk about our practice at meals. We share and listen, guide and get inspired, reach out for help and support each other.

The main practice focus of the retreat will be fire kasina. The nearby icy pools of the Podgorna waterfalls provide an ideal environment for tummo and other cold exposure practices. All other practices are welcome.

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What is the „Peer to Peer Retreat“ format?

Peer to Peer, or P2P retreats aim to create retreat spaces where everyone is practicing and meeting at eye level. Traditional retreats are created and centered around single teachers or groups of teachers. They are held in spaces where a spiritual organization acts as a host for the retreat practitioners, who are invited as both students and guests. We organise P2P retreats not as a critique of that format, but to offer an alternative. A place for Dharma folks who already have an established practice and look to live their practice on retreat alongside other like minded adventurers.

In a P2P retreat, except for the location that we rent together, nothing is there that we don‘t create together. We create a space of dharma, where we bring our dedication for deep practice to the table. We share both our expertise and our questions. We also create a space of community, where we work, cook and clean together. We take care of the space and each other. Doing so, sangha arises.

Who is this for?

TThis retreat is aimed at experienced grown-up practitioners. We look for people who are willing to bring their commitment and practice to the table to co-create two interdependent spaces: A space of deep, silent retreat work and of community, support and exchange.

We want our peers to be willing to go deep in their own practice, able to foster a group energy that in return lifts up everyone’s practice around them. Retreat time is rare and valuable and we regard it as a gift we give both to ourselves and others.

We believe integration starts on the first day of a retreat, not at its end. This means, we look for peers who are compassionate grown-ups and regard shared work as part of their practice. While the larger part of the retreat is silent, we want to open space during mealtimes or walks for joint reflection, support and exchange.

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A special note on fire kasina practice

The main focus of practice for this retreat is the fire kasina, though other practices are also welcome. Everyone can practice what they feel the called to, however we appreciate working on similar practices, to be able to share with each other.

Fire kasina is a technique that on retreat and in high-doses leads to the deep end of concentration practice. These mind-states - not unlike the psychedelic experience - provide rich ground for gaining insight, healing and adventure. They can however also be the territory of the strange, the magickal and the weird. As such they need wisdom, faith and compassion to be navigated skillfully, especially in a group setting. If you’re unfamiliar with the territory of deep concentration, think about going as a group on a psychedelic journey, which instead of several hours lasts for two weeks, with varying degrees of intensity.

Put simply, we would ask of everyone who goes on that journey with us to be in a place in their respective lives, where they have their stuff somewhat together. If you’re in a place where you’re having difficulty wrestling with either deep personal trauma or thorny dharma challenges, you may benefit more from a traditional guided retreat framework. That said, spiritual emergencies, well, emerge, and often unpredictably so and we support and take care of each other on this journey.

If you want to find out more about fire kasina, a great place to start is this book by Daniel Ingram and Shannon Stein.

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Logistical and organization details


January 6th-20th 2024


in Poland, close to here

How much?

This is a non-profit retreat and we are committed to make it as affordable as possible. We share expenses for renting the location, buying food, basic supplies and shared transportation. Based on our last retreats, we think this will end up costing between 500 and 700€ per person.

We will ask you to transfer part of the money upfront, to pay for the location (roughly 350 Euros). If you make any contributions to the retreat (car, gas, groceries), please save your receipts. There will be transparent accounting on a shared spreadsheet and remaining funds will be reimbursed equally after the retreat has finished.

How many?

Minimum 5, aiming for 8 to 12 people.

Accomodation and food

Former rustic farmhouse with a large kitchen/common area, common practice room, shared bedrooms (2-3 people). Some of the rooms are heated by wood/coal ovens, others are electric.

We intend to prepare two common meals per day, lunch and dinner. Most of the retreat space will be silent, except for the common area during meal times and preparation. We will also try to have a space where food can be taken in silence.

he house is in the middle of nowhere, in a National Park famous for its beauty. The Podgorna waterfalls are a 5-10 minutes walk away. There’s also the opportunity to rent a sauna cabin next to one of the waterfall basins for a reasonable price.

For registration or more information contact us at